Certified Builders - The Ultimate Endorsement

Not everyone working as a carpenter within the building Industry has a desire or the skill to operate his or her own building business. In fact being in business can be for many a daunting prospect. Many prefer to be employed by a construction company as a skilled tradesman.
But many do aspire to own their own company and be in business for themselves.

So how does the consumer identify a builder, who is in business for themselves, who possess both the skills not only to be a good tradesman but operate a sound business.

Our Platinum Card (Business Membership) is the answer. Our Business membership is only for Gold Card members who operate their own business and whose business will benefit from being identified as Certified Builders. That is any person or company who conducts business as a sole trader, a partnership or as a private or public company who carry on the business as builders or building contractors can apply to become Certified Builders. However one must be a Gold Card member or be able to meet the criteria to become a Gold Card member before a building business can seek business membership.

To become a Business member, we require comprehensive information from the business so that it will allow the association to build a profile of the business's reputation and integrity. We require trade / character references from merchants, trade / character references from sub trades and a number of work / character references from customers and clients of the builder from the past 12 months. This is a very thorough process.

Once we have established the Business's reputation and credentials and are satisfied the business member has meet all membership criteria the business can then be allowed to promote themselves as a Certified Builder. The Ultimate Endorsement.

Essentially the Association endorsees the Certified Builders business acumen and workmanship skills

The Certified Builder offers you:
  • 10 year Homefirst Builders Guarantee.

  • Comprehensive training to become a trade qualified builder.

  • The protection of consumer friendly Building Contracts - Labour, Full, Design & Build and Small Works & Alterations.

  • Access if required to a Disputes and Mediation Process free of costly lawyers fees.

  • Full technical support and backup from the association.

  • Certified Builders Association of New Zealand (CBANZ) will guarantee to the consumer that a "Certified Builder" is both trade qualified and business qualified. We want to give the consumer comfort in the knowledge that a Certified Builder is backed by an organisation that bases its membership on a fundamental and basic principle - trade qualifications.

Licensed Building Practitioners

Many changes occurred in the building industry in the 1980/90s, resulting in some building failures - notably, leaky buildings. The Licensed Building Practitioner scheme aims to improve building quality and increase consumer protection by:
  • setting national standards of competence for people carrying out certain design and building work

  • helping consumers choose competent building practitioners

  • ensuring design and building practitioners are accountable for their work.

About the licensed building practitioner (LBP) scheme

The LBP scheme is one of the changes in the Building Act 2004 to encourage better building design and construction. The public can have confidence that licensed building practitioners working on their homes and buildings are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right the first time.

Licensing promotes, recognises and supports professional skills and behaviour in the building industry. Over time, the emphasis on education and training, along with better career pathways, will increase. From 2015 it is proposed that licensing will be qualifications-based.

In the meantime, the scheme is competency based. Competent builders and tradespeople with a good track record can have their skills and knowledge formally recognised.

Our Area of practice is Carpentry and site 2; moderately complex commercial or residential projects, or aspects of large or complex construction projects large or complex construction projects.

Our LBP number is BP105842 (Carpentry, and site 2 to Oversee construction of all buildings.) see link below for LBP register.


Health & Safety

At Goodwin Construction we like to ensure the safety of everyone in contact with our workplace/site. We are members of a safety group Hazard co and we have worked with Hazard co to develop safety programmes and procedures for our company, here are some of the safety procedures we conduct at the workplace.
  • Appoint a person for health and safety records on site.

  • Identification and control of potential hazards.

  • Posting of notices and warnings of potential hazards.

  • Restriction of access to the site to authorised people only.

  • Guidance on ensuring a safe working environment at all times, for example, avoiding stacking things that could topple over.

  • Instruction in safe methods and practices.

  • Provision for safety meetings.

  • Safety audits on plant and procedures.

  • The recording and investigation of accidents.

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